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Mega uniswap dashboard fee tracker

To help traders decide which fee tier and pool is the best to invest in the short term, for rebalancing purposes or actively maximising return

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Pool return vs TVL (7 days)
Pool return vs Efficiency(%)(7 days)
Top 10 Uniswap V3 Pool in TVL vs Fees to TVL ratio(%) (past 7 days)
Overall Top 10 Pool by trading volume (TVL vs Efficiency(%))

Top 10 Pool with Most LP activities (past 7 days)

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Top 10 Token (Largest Volume) (past 7 days)

Top 10 Token (Highest swap count) (past 7 days)

Top 10 Pool with highest fees collected in past 7 days
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Top 10 Pool with Most Unique Traders in latest 24 hours
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